Lovely Betty has the face of an Angel! This gorgeous girl looks to be a mix of the Miniature Pinscher and the Miniature Dachshund. Betty's physique is sleek and elongated like the Doxie, but, she has the longer legs of a Min Pin. Her ears and tail are au naturale, only 12 pounds, she is truly a petite beauty.

Betty came to our rescue after spending some time in a large, overcrowded shelter where she was reported to be frightened and shut down. Betty took a few days to come out of her shell, and now has blossomed into a joyous, playful pup. A year and a half old, Betty has a bit of the puppy in her, so, we'd like to place her with folks who are prepared for puppy mayhem, although darling Betty has not yet shown herself to be much of a mayhem-maker.

In fact, we'd say that Betty is a real people pleaser. Once she bonds with her people, she is totally connected. She is affectionate and loving, and eager to please. She has responded beautifully to leadership training and, is starting to learn her basic obedience commands. Adopters should be prepared to continue working with Betty on her obedience to insure good canine citizenship.

Betty has held her own with a particularly unruly group of foster dogs, and has shown herself to have quite a bit of confidence and spirit. She is generally good with other dogs, and has not demonstrated any predatory behavior, so she might do well with cats, if her adopters are savvy in troubleshooting initial conflicts.

Betty is quite people friendly, so we think she would do well in an active family, with older kids. She loves to play, and since she craves attention so much, she will be a family favorite. Betty is a medium energy dog, so a couple of brisk leash walks, plus focused playtime, serve her exercise needs. Betty loves her car rides and can travel anywhere. She can be a bit of a fussy passenger, and may try to ride in her person's lap, so adopters may wish to use a safety seat belt harness.

Betty has fantastic house manners and is housetrained and crate trained. Adopters should prepare for, and forgive, the inevitable accident that Betty will have as she adjusts to her new routine. She is in good health and at a perfect weight. She has been spayed, vaccinated for rabies, parvo, distemper and bordatella, and she is microchipped and de-wormed. Also, Betty has been tested negative for heartworm/lyme/earlichia/anaplamosis.

If you are interested in our Betty, please write to or call Denise at 720-903-0636 for more information.

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