From time to time, a rescue volunteer will feel the urge to keep the Eskie rather than look for a home elsewhere. I suppose it happens to most of us at one time or another. This is the story of one pup who stayed.

Greta is a fourteen pound dynamo from New York City. When Barbara of Siberian Rescue plucked her from the Manhattan CACC and delivered her to Denise Gareau's tiny Chelsea apartment last May, this miniature Eskie, then known as Baby, seemed such a pathetic, frightened little girl with urine stained coat and a frantic bark that vanished into a hoarse croak whenever she was left alone. Denise's place was already bursting with Eskies since little Prince, a shy foster boy, had temporarily joined the Angels From God. So, reluctantly, I invited this little girl to spend the night with my boys Perry and Levi.

Levi knew trouble had arrived....

For Perry it was love at first site...

She was quickly renamed Greta and instantly recognized that the position of alpha was there for the taking. With the shelter ordeal behind her, Greta's confidence mushroomed. She was determined to ingratiate herself and become a permanent part of this new pack. While it became instantly apparent that housetraining was a foreign concept to this little dog, Greta was able to keep her truely creative abilities under wraps until she was certain that her status was secure. Then the fun began.

Greta soon displayed many talents and a wide range of tastes. To my horror, I discovered that she could unzip a bag in record time, employing a grab and jerk technique. Her first prize acquired in this manner was a container of French olives--marinated in oil. During my five minute absence from the apartment, she had unzipped the bag, pried open the olives'cover and dumped the contents on a pillow, consuming the tasty morsels at a startling speed. As always on these occasions, the boys watch with a mixture of horror and admiration--before diving into the mess themselves. And then there was the time Greta discovered a loose bit of plaster above the baseboard and before long had actually excavated a sizable chunk of disintegrating wall board (typical Manhattan apartment). Greta was tunneling out through the wall! And I had a chance to exercise my plastering skills.

Greta's leaping abilities mean that almost no surface is truly out of reach. This athletic talent also serves her well in her constant play fighting with the boys. She's way to slippery to be pinned for long by one of Perry's wrestling take-downs. Gradually, though still jealous of the attention Perry pays to this newcomer, Levi has discovered that playing with Greta can be fun.

Greta certainly retains her irresistably sweet side and responds very well to praise, so training is progressing. Some favorite activities of the past--like splashing all the water out of her dish--seldom occur these days. And the housetraining seems undr control. However, it will probably be quite a while before she is truly trustworthy left outside her crate with no human supervision in the apartment.

Ann Harris

Greta endears herself to her grandmother.


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